STACKER2 7-Phenyl Stack 100 caps

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Stacker2 fat burners are known worldwide as the most popular fat burners. And producer NVE Pharmaceuticals is now adding a little extra, with an improved composition of its best-seller 7-PhenylStack. Even more powerful and more effective!

NVE worked on this new formula for no less than two years. The result is something which until recently was held to be impossible: an extremely powerful composition, free of ephedra, free of yohimbe, but with fat-burning characteristics and metabolism-increasing extracts that are reckoned among the strongest in the world! It’s unbelievable what 7-PhenylStack achieves. It is the best way to lose weight spectacularly fast.

How does this improved version of 7-PhenylStack work?

Unique to 7-PhenylStack are the extracts, which, by means of the patented microchip4 technology, are more easily assimilable in the body. The active substances are absorbed into the body promptly, and as a result this STACKER works faster, more effectively and powerfully than other fat burners. The new version of 7-Phenylstack contains ingredients which have been analysed by EFSA and have been proved to make a positive contribution to the lipid metabolism and weight control. The extracts used – choline, garcinia cambogia and green tea (with as much as 60% polyphenols) – are cultivated by NVE itself and thereby guarantee the quality that you can expect from this original Stacker.


  • The trusted STACKER-feeling persists for a long time.
  • A metabolic rate as high as possible – you can feel it!
  • Fast and vigorous fat burning.
  • Extracts with a proven positive effect on the lipid metabolism.
  • Patented MicroChip4-technology, improved assimilation.


When do I use 7-PhenylStack?

Do you want maximum effect, a faster energy burner, and a product that gives you a powerful energy kick? Then 7-PhenylStack was made for you!

Two capsules after meals. Do not exceed six daily.

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