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Chela-Ferr™ MED is a product with high content of iron (30 mg of elementary iron) in the most assimilable form of amino acid chelate – Ferrochel, intended to be used in cases of high demand for iron. 

Recommended by the Polish Gynaecological Society

Chela-Ferr™ MED is a product with high content of iron (30 mg of elementary iron) in the most assimilable form of amino acid chelate – Ferrochel, intended to be used in cases of high demand for iron. 

What is Ferrochel? 
Ferrochel is patented non-heme iron in the form of amino acid chelate – iron (II) bis-glycinate, of a bioavailability and tolerance similar to heme iron. 

In bis-glycinate the ferrous ion (Fe2+) was connected with two molecules of amino acid – glycine. Its advantage lies mostly in a significant increase of bioavailability with simultaneous reduction of gastric irritation, as well as a lack of unfavourable reactions with other food ingredients. Thanks to its chemical structure iron bis-glycinate is recognised by the body as a dipeptide and absorbed actively in other parts of the alimentary tract, removing the effect of interaction with other minerals (given in inorganic form) or food ingredients in the alimentary tract. 
Iron in Chela-Ferr™ Med is characterised by: 
- amino acid chelate with the structure scientifically confirmedwith patented method FTIR TRAACS®, 
- the highest bioavailability as distinct from other forms of iron, 
- safe effects, 
- better tolerance, reduction of side effects, 
- lack of interaction with vitamins and minerals confirmed in longstanding clinical studies. 
Moreover it has: 
- GRAS (Generally Recognised as Safe) certificate awarded by the FDA 
- a positive opinion of the EFSA (The European Food Safety Authority) 

What are the effects of iron deficiency in the body? 

Iron is mostly necessary to produce red blood cells. The deficit of this element in the system quickly becomes symptomatic. Characteristic symptoms include physical weakness, disturbed sleep, decreased intellectual and mental abilities, and decreased immunity. The problem of iron deficiency affects women in reproductive age, pregnant women, teenagers and the elderly. Low level of iron in the body is quite common and becomes the etiological factor of anaemia. 

Chela-Ferr™ Med is intended for dietary purposes according to doctor’s recommendations concerning the use in: 

  •  the period of increased demand for iron: pregnancy and lactation, heavy menstrual bleeding, regular blood donation, intense sports activity, children and adolescents in the periods of intensive growth,
  • decreased absorption of iron (accompanying coeliac disease, among other things),
  • anaemia resulting from iron deficiency,
  • iron deficiency caused by the lack of appetite, vegetarian, slimming or macrobiotic diet,
  • chemotherapy and a perioperative period,
  • restless legs syndrome (RLS),
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

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Nutrition information
1 capsule capsules 100g
Energy value 1,4 kcal / 5,8 kJ 347 kcal / 1452 kJ
Protein 0,17 g 41,8 g
Carbohydrates 0,18 g 45 g
Fat 0 g 0,01 g
Iron amino acid chelate Ferrochel® TRAACS® 150 mg 37,5 g
Iron 30 mg(214%*) 7,5 g

* RDA – recommended daily allowance

Ingredients: iron bis-glycinate (iron amino acid chelate Ferrochel® TRAACS®), maltrodexin – filling substance, microcrystalline cellulose – filling substance, magnesium stearate – anticaking agent, capsule (gelatine – capsule component, colour: titanium dioxide).

1 capsule once daily, after any meal or otherwise upon consulting a doctor.


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