New Leaf Ashwagandha 1200mg 360 vcaps

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New Leaf Ashwagandha 1200mg | Easy to swallow | 6 Months Supply!

Our high strength Ashwagandha formula packs a punch with 1200mg of pure ashwagandha root extract sourced from a 20:1 extract ratio. Say goodbye to cumbersome capsules and embrace the convenience of two easy-to-swallow tablets per daily serving.

√ Natural adaptogenic herb
√ Promotes stress relief and relaxation
√ Supports overall well-being
√ Enhances mental clarity and focus
√ Boosts energy levels
√ Supports a healthy immune system

Gluten-Free / Lactose-Free / No Artificial Colour & Flavour / Vegan


Discover the remarkable benefits of Ashwagandha, a natural stress-busting herb, with our premium product. Ashwagandha has been used for centuries in traditional Ayurvedic medicine to promote a sense of calm and relaxation while enhancing overall well-being.

Our Ashwagandha supplement is carefully sourced and formulated to ensure maximum potency and effectiveness. It acts as a powerful adaptogen, helping the body adapt to and manage stress, both physical and mental. Experience a newfound sense of tranquility as Ashwagandha supports relaxation and reduces anxiety.

Not only does Ashwagandha promote stress relief, but it also boosts mental clarity and focus. Say goodbye to brain fog and hello to improved cognitive function. Additionally, this herb enhances energy levels, providing a natural pick-me-up without the jitters associated with stimulants.

Supporting a healthy immune system is crucial, and Ashwagandha plays a vital role in strengthening immunity. It helps combat the negative effects of stress on the body, promoting overall wellness and vitality.

Invest in your well-being with Ashwagandha. Experience the power of this natural adaptogen and embrace a calmer, more focused, and energized version of yourself. Say goodbye to stress and welcome a healthier, balanced life with our premium Ashwagandha supplement.


Value Supply
Each bottle contains 365 easy to swallow tablets, there are two tablets per serving which will give you a 6 month supply.

UK Made
Proudly formulated and manufactured in the UK to the highest industry standards

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Manufacturer New Leaf
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