Liquid egg protein 1000ml

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Liquid egg protein

- It contains 100% egg protein. Nothing more!
- No additives or preservatives
- White egg or a lot of good quality nutritious food.
- They contain all ingredients treated with humanity.
- Thanks to pasteurization, you can eat anything raw or prepare various protein shakes.
- If you want to get rid of unnecessary kilograms, then you should already write.
- Sapniaks make a lot of dishes while cooking.

The highest quality pasteurized chicken egg protein class A (free range). Prepared for consumption in a kilogram bottle. 100% natural composition without additives, dyes and preservatives. Best absorbed, almost free from fats and carbohydrates.

One bottle of the product is 32 proteins from fresh eggs. Thanks to the patented pasteurization process, liquid egg protein has a long shelf life - up to 6 months. After opening, keep them in the fridge.

According to the manufacturer's restrictive standards set out on the label, the protein should be used within 48 hours (the norm established in the case of inappropriate consumer behavior such as holding the bottle for a longer time outside the fridge or consuming the product directly from the bottle). The Białka Farm Product as ONLY IN POLAND has been tested by the State Sanitary Inspection (SANEPID), which determined that it is fully edible up to 7 days after its opening.

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