Kevin Levrone Shaker Levrone 500ml Black-Gold

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Levrone shaker black

- Comfortable, handy shaker
- Special container for conditioner
- Pillbox attached to the shaker
- Distinctive measure

Buying a really good shaker that completely meets your expectations is not easy. If you want to have an exceptionally good product that will serve you for a really long time, you should invest in a proven brand. Think about buying a Shaker Levrone that will satisfy you 100%.

The KEVIN LEVRONE company was created by a well-known bodybuilder, who can boast of many victories, including the title Olympia. The products created by the brand with its name are designed by experts and extremely popular among athletes.

For this reason, it is worth choosing the Shaker Levrone, you will be sure that you are holding a really good product in your hand. It is worth noting that this SHAKER has a really convenient closing on the latch, so you will know that nothing will spill. The hole for pouring the powder is really wide, so you certainly will not throw anything away. Its optimal size will make it easy to put it in any bag or backpack. It is so large that you can dissolve as much nutrient as you need.

However, that's not all, the shaker comes with a handy pillbox where you can store diet supplements. Have you ever used to forget about some capsules? Now you will always have them with you, and convenient compartments help you plan your supplements accordingly. You will not be afraid that you will take the wrong measure. The Pillbox is attached to the bottom of the shaker, so you do not have to remember it or worry about it being thrown around somewhere.

In addition to the pillbox, a container for conditioner was also attached to the shaker. You can put a scoop out there. Thanks to it, you do not have to take the entire protein or gainer, or worry about any additional containers. Unscrew the container, pour the conditioner, add water and it's ready. However, this is not the end of Shaker Levrone's advantages. In the middle you will also find a grating net, thanks to which you will not come across a distasteful clod.

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