Himalaya Liv.52 100 tabs.

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Himalaya Liv.52 100 tabs.

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Himalaya Liv.52 | 100 Tablets

The natural herbs in Liv.52 work synergistically and help in the removal of toxins from the body via liver.

An active liver support, Liv.52 helps in managing liver health problems and aids in fighting against infections.

Liv 52 helps in alcohol metabolism, which eliminates acetaldehyde (key component that causes grogginess post drink) from the body and cleanses it from within.

Being made of natural herbs in a GMP certified facility, Liv 52 is completely safe for long-term use.



- Protects the liver
- Improves and retrieves liver function
- I ncreases the production of glutathione

During that time it has remained one of most popular liver detoxification supplements among bodybuilders! A particular fondness for this popularity existing among users of anabolic steroids.

It consists of natural ingredients which exhibit a hepatoprotective effect against chemically induced hepatoxicity. This as one example would be when taking a cycle of steroids. It works by supporting integrity of cels and maintaining good levels of the cytochrome P-450. Thats not all it also helps enable fast elimination of acetaldehyde! This makes it effective for eliminating the cause of alcohol induced hangovers.

It also acts as some form of liver protection to people who consume alcohol on a regular bases. Also people who take quite a number of tablets each week, e.g. for pain or prescription would benefit from using Himalaya Liv 52.

This formula is a combination of natural extracts specially developed to protect the liver and help remove toxins, such as alcohol.

It increases the production of glutathione, promotes hepatocellular regeneration, fights lipid peroxidation, increases the release of bile, improves appetite.

Liv 52 from Himalaya Herbal Healthcare is a nutritional supplement that protects the liver and liver function, especially in times of stress of this organ, following very high protein diets, or after the use of external chemical factors.

This formula is a combination of natural extracts specially developed to protect the liver and liver function. Increases the production of glutathione, recover liver functions, it promotes hepatocellular regeneration, fights lipid peroxidation, enhances release of bile, improves appetite, promotes liver detoxification and helps eliminate toxins, such as alcohol.

It contains 8 high quality natural extracts known for their effects in improving liver health. Liv 52 from Himalaya Herbal Healthcare is a supplement produced with herbal extracts used since antiquity as natural remedies, especially Ayurvedic medicine, such as

Capparis spinosa, a potent antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties and protector of liver functions, Cichorium intybus, a liver protectant with relaxing and detoxifying properties, especially alcohol, Mandur Bhasma, a mineral that supports the hepatic system and provides iron, an essential mineral for liver health, Solanum nigrum, an antiseptic used for liver and stomach disorders, Terminalia arjuna, a source of chemicals with antiviral and diuretic action, Cassia occidentalis, with antibacterial and antifungal compounds, Achilea millefolium, an herb that treats gastrointestinal problems and Tamarix gallica for intestinal transit that helps definitely remove toxins.

This product helps normalize appetite and weight to improve health while supporting liver health. In cases of hepatitis, it ensures faster restoration of liver functions. In cases of alcoholism, accelerates the elimination of acetaldehyde, the toxic metabolite of alcohol to protect the body against liver damage.

Recommended for people who want to care for the health of the liver and liver function, for those wishing to remove toxic from the body, like alcohol, for patients with liver disease or who need to protect the liver while taking chemotherapy drugs or retrovirals, for people who need to improve their appetite, either elderly people, pregnant women or convalescents.


Recommended use

1-4 tablets taken with a meal


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