Trec Collagen Renover 350g

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Trec Collagen 350g


Regenerates Joint Cartilage And Maintains Beautiful Skin!

- High collagen hydrolyzate content
- Support in maintaining properly functioning joints and skin
- With the addition of vitamin C
- A complex cartilage renovator
- Highly bioactive collagen peptides
- Dietary supplement for people exposed to excessive stress on the joints

COLLAGEN RENOVER is a formula containing an easily absorbable hydrolyzed collagen and vit. C, aiding in the complex renewal of connective tissue. Collagen fibres connect and improve elasticity of joints and skin, providing them with protection against mechanical strain. Production of endogenous collagen decreases with age, accelerating the degradation of joint cartilage and reducing skin elasticity. COLLAGEN RENOVER is aimed at people at risk of joint strain, including athletes, people who are overweight and the elderly.

COLLAGEN RENOVER contains easily assimilated collagen hydrolyzate supplemented with vit. C, which supports tissue regeneration. Collagen fibers bind together and relax the joints and skin structure, giving them resistance to mechanical deformation. With age, collagen production decreases in the body, which may be one of the causes of accelerated wear and loss of cartilage elasticity. COLLAGEN RENOVER is dedicated as a dietary supplement in individuals exposed to collagen arthritis overload, including athletes, people who are overweight and the elderly.

- Strong joints and beautiful skin
- Comprehensive renovator cartilage
- Highly bioactive collagen peptides

Traffic makes you feel uncomfortable, which limits your daily activities? Would you like to give everything in training, but you're afraid of your joints? Your skin is not as flexible as ever, and on the surface begin to appear first stretch marks or wrinkles? Take care of your cartilage and skin now! Complete diet with an innovative formulation containing perfectly absorbable collagen peptides, enriched with vitamins. C. COLLAGEN RENOVER supports a comprehensive renovation of the main elements of the connective tissue, helping to improve comfort, movement and condition of the skin. COLLAGEN RENOVER provides high quality raw material obtained in an advanced technological process, conducted under strictly controlled conditions. As a result, the natural protein collagen is subjected to mild enzymatic hydrolysis and purification processes and multi-stage concentration. This allows you to obtain a collagen peptides constructed from a special sequence of amino acids, endowed with an extremely high biological activity. Thanks COLLAGEN RENOVER perfectly absorbed and quickly reaches the site of its action. To enhance the positive impact of the product to increase collagen synthesis, the preparation was supplemented with necessary vitamins in this process. C.

Intensive lifestyle and unbalanced diet may be one cause of accelerated aging of connective tissue that builds our bones, cartilage and skin. Disorder is a delicate balance between synthesis and degradation of structural components forming it. The most important of these is collagen - that's what it binds and relaxes connective tissue, providing the unique mechanical properties. It is the most common proteins in our body, which represents nearly 70% of all protein-building it. There are up to 29 different types of collagen, although 90% of our body are the types I, II, III, IV and V. Collagen is a fibrous protein with a unique structure, through which he holds unparalleled tensile strength. Constructed of 3 protein spirals twisted collagen fibers provide stability and resistance of all the structures of our body. Their efficient biosynthesis allows continuous regeneration min. articular cartilage and skin helping to keep them in proper condition.

Like all parts of our body, the structure of the joints require proper nutrition and recovery. Cartilage is a very specific tissue composed of chondrocytes (cartilage cells) and the extracellular matrix, which represents nearly 95% of its mass. Cartilage cells in a natural way it supervises the production of building components: mainly of collagen and proteoglycan. Under normal conditions, it completely covers the needs of the joints, giving them a smooth and uninterrupted. However, in the event that often expose them to the congestion associated with daily activities, sport or overweight, cartilage cells can not keep up with the biosynthesis of key components for their operation. Also in this case, our daily diet can help repair the natural processes occurring in the joints. Unfortunately, absorption of protein content and collagen derived from conventional foods is relatively low. The most effective way to increase the natural production of collagen is its supplementation in the form of hydrolysed. That's why COLLAGEN RENOVER contains perfectly absorbable and highly effective collagen derived peptides in the enzymatic hydrolysis of collagen. Thus they have a unique composition, almost identical to the amino acid structure of our collagen builds cartilage. In contrast to the collagen gel do not form and dissolve well in cold water. COLLAGEN RENOVER is also free from the characteristic of the normal collagen preparations taste and smell. The product contains only collagen bioactive peptides that much more effectively stimulate cartilage cells to produce its own collagen. During the digestive process, they are trapped in the intestine
and penetrate freely through the walls, reaching the bloodstream. Then, through it are distributed where they are needed most. Scientific studies confirm that the collagen peptides taken orally shortly after ingestion accumulate in the cartilage of joints subjected to an overload, eg in the knees. In this way the cartilage cells receive not only an excellent building material for the synthesis of its own collagen, but also a signal to initiate repair processes. The researchers also demonstrated that as a result of regular collagen hydrolyzate supplementation not only increases production with resistance to stretching cartilage type II collagen, but also an increase aggrecan synthesis - important proteoglycan confers its resistance to compression. COLLAGEN RENOVER contributes to the maintenance of comfort and mobility in exposed to regular congestion and articular structures may reduce the risk of dangerous injury.

Not without reason, collagen is a component of many cosmetics. Scientists for years studying its beneficial effect on the appearance and functioning of the skin. Collagen is the major component of protein, imparting resistance to stretching and flexibility. It allows the skin looks young and fresh and is firm and smooth. As in our ponds in the skin also decreases with age, the natural production of collagen, causing the first signs of aging. Appear shallow furrows, which are sometimes deeper and transformed into visible wrinkles. Another problem of our skin, which very often there is a time when rapidly increasing our weight (increase muscle mass, pregnancy, obesity) are stretch marks. When the surface rapidly increases our body, the skin undergoes extensive stretching. Under such conditions, the cells can not keep pace with the production of collagen and in places the greatest stress, it loses its elasticity. There is a break in the connective layer of the skin and stretch marks are formed called keloids. Unfortunately, many of collagen absorption of creams is very limited because it must pass through many poorly permeable layers of the epidermis and dermis. At the same time his one-time dose that we apply in this form is small and thus ineffective. Scientists have shown that the best way to supplement the collagen is its oral supplementation in the form of peptides. COLLAGEN RENOVER contains a high dose of hydrolyzed collagen, which, after absorption from the gastrointestinal tract reaches the cells of our skin. It contains bioactive peptides enhance their structure and stimulate their metabolism to increase its own collagen biosynthesis. This allows the skin is better nourished from the inside, thus improving its overall appearance and condition. Increases its density and elasticity, which may delay the emergence of new and deepen existing wrinkles and prevent the formation of stretch marks.

RENOVER Collagen is a top quality product to prepare a delicious drink containing readily absorbable hydrolyzed collagen in a form and wit. C. It contains bioactive collagen peptides, which may accelerate the regeneration of connective structures in our body, in particular, cartilage and skin. His regular supplementation supports joint function in people vulnerable to overload (athletes, overweight people, the elderly). Collagen is also RENOVER nutrikosmetyk perfect for people who want to improve the appearance and delay the first signs of skin aging. The preparation may also counteract the formation of stretch marks and accelerate regeneration.

Active ingredients
Amount per serving 10 g** 5 g
Collagen Matrix
Hydrolyzed Collagen 9320,00 mg 4660,00 mg
Vit. C 80,00 mg (100%*)

40,00 mg (50%*)

* Reference intakes
** Daily portion of the product


INGREDIENTS: hydrolyzed collagen (93,2%); acidity regulator – citric acid; aromas; vit. C (L-ascorbic acid) (0,8%); sweetener – sucralose; colour – azorubin

A one-off portion of the preparation - 5 g (1.5 scoops) dissolved in 100 ml of water. Depending on the need to use 1-2 servings daily, preferably for 30 minutes. before a meal.

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