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Protein Supplements for Bodybuilding

Protein supplements form a fairly extensive group of products. First of all, because they are one of the most popular products among athletes, they must be varied to please everyone. Among proteins, there are plant and animal protein supplements.

Natural Whey Protein Powder

The most popular are whey-based supplements: WPI, WPH and WPC. What are these acronyms? 

  • WPI is a whey protein isolate. It is characterized by the highest protein content, as it reaches 98%. It is very well digestible, quickly digested and, importantly, practically lactose-free.
  • WPH is a whey protein hydrolyzate. The amount of protein is around 80%. It is a substance that has been preliminarily subjected to enzymatic hydrolysis.
  • WPC is a whey protein concentrate. The protein content ranges from 70 to 85%. It is characterized by the most advantageous price and a lower degree of processing.

Which Protein Powder Supplements are the Healthiest?

Protein supplements, in addition to supplementing our diet with protein and supporting post-training processes, also have other beneficial effects on our body. They supplement our diet with vitamins, magnesium, calcium, fibre, amino acids and glutamine. They are convenient and easy to use and are a low-calorie snack between meals. They prevent cancer, including lungs, oesophagus, colon, reduce the risk of heart attack (source: Krissansen "Emerging health properties of whey proteins and their clinical implications.") It stimulates insulin production, which is why studies on whey protein supplementation are ongoing in patients with type II diabetes. They also have an anti-inflammatory effect.

To be sure that the protein supplement is healthy, it is worth paying attention to the composition. All-natural protein powder is sometimes contaminated with sweeteners, dyes and other additives to increase their taste.

Sweeteners such as Acesulfame-K, sucralose, and quinoline yellow dye are not only unnecessary but can cause allergies or unpleasant side effects. Don't worry - quinoline yellow is banned in the UK and many other countries! The protein supplements available in our online store are natural, tasty and healthy.

Whey Protein Brands

In our online store, you will find over 80 types of protein powder in the form of a powder. These are products prepared by leading manufacturers: Trec Nutrition, BioTech USA, Scitec Nutrition and many others. The convenient powder formula allows easy storage, quick preparation of a drink or cocktail or adding protein supplements directly to the meal.

All-Natural Protein Powder

Most protein supplements come in the form of a powder - it is a form that is easy to prepare a cocktail or drinking solution or to add directly to a meal.

In addition to the most popular whey protein, companies are introducing more and more protein sources for sale, so the choice is huge and can make us quite confusing. We can meet with various vegetable proteins, the raw materials of which are: soybeans, peas, wheat, beans, rice as well as egg and beef proteins.

Micellar casein is a protein that comes from dairy products and has a lot of essential amino acids. It is absorbed for quite a long time, therefore it is recommended to be used at bedtime. First of all, it is great for regeneration.

Beef protein, as you can easily guess, is obtained from beef. On the other hand, Mass Gainer is a supplement that is a combination of protein and carbohydrates. Both are recommended while building muscle mass.

Vegan proteins are intended primarily for people on a plant-based diet, but also for those who want to limit the consumption of animal proteins. They usually come from soybeans or peas. They have a specific taste, but are very healthy and fulfil their function well.

Proper supplementation should be adjusted to the body weight and lifestyle of the exerciser. When it comes to the time of taking a protein supplement, there are several opinions. Some prefer to take it before training, others after, and still others share the portion and follow both of the previous recommendations. The time of supplementation may also depend on the type of protein. It is worth monitoring the amount of protein consumed, including the protein absorbed from meals.