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Amino Acid Supplements for Strength and Muscle Growth

Amino acids are one of the essential ingredients for the proper functioning of the body. With increased physical activity, it is necessary to increase their consumption, as amino acids build proteins. One can take them with protein-rich foods like meat, eggs, legumes or supplement them additionally.

How Amino Acids Influence the Development of Muscle Mass

Amino acids have many positive benefits. One of them is to facilitate the development of muscle mass. All thanks to two processes: inhibiting catabolic processes (i.e. responsible for muscle breakdown during physical activity) and stimulating anabolic processes - causing muscle growth.

It takes a lot of strength to increase the load or the number of repetitions of the exercise with each training. Amino acid supplements increase strength, making it easier to set the bar. Another valuable property of amino acids is that they accelerate the regeneration of the body. This feature is especially beneficial for one who exercises on a regular basis.

Amino Acids for Muscle Growth - Types

There are several types of amino acids, and each of them affects the recipient's body in some way. In our store you will find:

  • BCAA amino acids,
  • amino acid complex,
  • L-Glutamine,
  • leucine
  • arginine / AAKG,
  • beta-alanine,
  • EAA amino acids,
  • citrulline,
  • topping.

BCAA amino acids are by far the most popular and consumed. Thanks to them, it is possible to build your dream figure and regenerate quickly. Another popular type is EAA amino acids, which allow the entire body to function properly and build lean muscle mass.

How Do I Take Amino Acids?

Amino acid supplementation for strength and muscle mass should be tailored to individual needs. Everyone should choose the perfect proportion for themselves. It should be remembered that it is better to start small in order to gradually get used to this supplementation and possibly gradually increase the dose as needed. 

As for the specific time of amino acid intake, the recommendations are that the first dose should be taken 40-60 minutes before training and the second dose shortly after training. Such a plan allows you to get all the desired properties out of the consumed product.

In our store you will find amino acids in the form of capsules, tablets, powders and even liquids. All products are safe when taken in the right amounts.

Among the leading manufacturers of amino acid supplements, you can find Scitec Nutrition, BioTech USA and Olimp products in our store.