Universal Daily Formula 100 tabs

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- Contains up to 100% RDA of vitamins A thought K
- Combined with key health boosting minerals
- Ultimate all in one formula

If you’re looking for the ultimate all in one supplement to support muscle growth, keep you on top of your game and support health then look no further than Universal Nutrition’s Daily Formula.  Just 1 dose of this potent multivitamin and multimineral tablet provides you with up to 100% of a wide spectrum of vitamins from A through to K.
This ensures that your body has everything it needs and more to protect you from illness and the stress caused on the immune system and other important bodily functions by hard training or even just the stresses and strains of the fast paced modern world.
Not only do you get a full spectrum of vitamins this product combines these with important health promoting minerals such as zinc, magnesium, calcium, copper and many more. As if this wasn’t enough Universal Nutrition Daily Formula also provides key digestive enzymes to help the efficient delivery and effectiveness of the product, making it a must have for those serious about their training and health.

    - Contains up to 100% RDA of vitamins A thought K.
    - Combined with key health boosting minerals.
    - Ultimate all in one formula.
    - 1 easy to dose capsule.

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