TREC S.A.W. 200G

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Trec SAW 200g

S.A.W. - Power, Stamina and Vascularity!


Want your muscles to be larger and more powerful, while your movements faster, stronger and more precise? Wish to face up to your weaknesses and maximise your body's potential? Try S.A.W. - the most powerful pre-training stack ever produced by the TREC NUTRITION laboratories. Sharpen your senses! Feel an incredible flow of energy, and open yourself to a brand new training experience. Now your brain will gain full control over your muscles! Take your exercise to the highest intensity level you haven't even considered before. Transform ordinary training into a SUPER ANABOLIC WORKOUT!

S.A.W. is a formula combining only tested, safe and effective active ingredients that will help you conquer exercise stagnation from the first use. The exceptionally high concentration of active ingredients gives a whole new dimension to pre-training supplementation. S.A.W. is a pure essence of support - the product is free from unnecessary sugars, additives and fillers. The incredibly high degree of concentration (almost 96% of the product are active substances) and the highest quality raw materials mean that each 5g measure of the preparation holds a huge anabolic and ergogenic potential. The synergistic action of the ingredients dramatically increases the body's ability to work under a heavy load. Not only are you able to train harder and longer, but your efforts bring also far better results. The product's formula, activating the main anabolic pathways, will help you quickly build high quality muscles ready to work under a heavy load, with no risk of excessive fat accumulation.

SUPER Pump Vasodilators
An advanced matrix of exceptionally powerful nitric oxide (NO) boosters, whose action has been confirmed in numerous scientific studies. The correct doses of alpha-ketoglutarate and L-arginine malate, in combination with citrulline malate, quickly increase the synthesis of NO in the body. In order to maximise the potential of these ingredient, the product has been supplemented with ViNitrox™ - a patented extract from apples and grapes. The natural plant polyphenols contained in the extract activate the enzyme controlling the production of NO in the body. This improves its yield, results in the formation of more NO, and longer activity. The effect of this action is observed from the start of exercise, while the full vascularisation does not decline and its level is maintained for far longer than with other products. Muscles are better supplied with blood throughout exercise, provided with a steady supply of essential nutrients and oxygen.

ANABOLIC Energy Maximizer
This is a special recipe of ingredients maximising the production of energy during intensive and prolonged exercise. The high dose of beta-alanine prevents early muscle fatigue, and reduces acidification. The carnosine formed as a result acts as a natural buffer which helps maintain optimal metabolic conditions for intensive work in cells. It results in reduced post-training muscle aches, while intensive muscle contractions are no longer accompanied by a “burning" sensation. The energy matrix has also been supplemented by well-studied active neurostimulators. The ingredients stimulate the nervous system and improve concentration, helping the brain achieve full control over muscle activity. Taurine and L-tyrosine are precursors of neurotransmitters, which accelerate the transmission of nerve impulses and delay fatigue. Caffeine enhances the metabolism and improves the function of the central nervous system. This stimulates the body to intensive work and enhances the production of energy, while naringenin helps maintain this effect for longer.

WORKOUT Creatine Surge
Bouts of intensive exercise cause a rapid increase in intensity of metabolism in muscle cells. In order to keep up with transporting energy essential for muscle contractions, huge amounts of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) are required. Creatine is essential for regenerating this essential cellular fuel. S.A.W. contains an effective formula of synergistic forms of creatine - monohydrate, malate, and ethyl ester. The combination of the three different forms of this substance optimises its transport and absorption. Muscles are better supplied with creatine, while ATP supplies are regenerated faster. This improves the power and speed of muscle fibre contractions, which directly helps increase the levels of exercise load.

S.A.W. is a universal formula recommended for professional athletes, especially during exceptionally high intensity of exercise or training stagnation. S.A.W. is a powerful and effective formula whose exceptional energising effects will be felt right from the first dose. Regular supplementation helps build increased pure muscle mass and obtain significant improvements in training results, in particular in disciplines requiring high levels of power and strength endurance. The product is recommended prior to exercise for bodybuilders, fighters, weightlifters, triathletes, and other power athletes.

Dissolve 5-15 g (1-3 scoops) in 100-200 ml of water using a shaker, depending on requirements, intensity of exercise and sensitivity to the supplement. Use 30 min. before planned workout.
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