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HI TEC 5100 Ultra Amino is an amino acid supplement which provides the body full set of essential amino acids in the form of short peptides and free amino acids. A high content of amino acid - L-glutamine and L-leucine HI TEC 5100 Ultra Amino promotes the growth of muscles and rapid recovery.


  • High quality Hydrolyzed whey protein as a basis
  • High biological value
  • High proportion of EAA and BCAA
  • No Fat, No CARB
  • 325 tabs


Building blocks of life-amino acids are just that for us. A baying of various amino acids in a specific number and weighting results in different proteins (proteins). For each amino acid but also amino acids in the composite have all their gant specific job in the body. To serve the development and preservation of organs and body tissues are necessary for the release of certain hormones that participate in on the defense of free radicals, the immune system, etc. To provide themselves with enough basic amino acids is therefore extremely important for both health and athletic performance. Ultra Hi Tec Nutrition Amino 5100 is based on hydrolysed whey protein. This animal protein is characterized by an excellent biological value (BV). Under BW is the ability of the body to convert food proteins in the body's own proteins. So who wants to provide convenient, fat and carbohydrates with free amino acids makes me Ultra Hi Tec Nutrition Amino 5100 a really good choice.


On workout days: Use 3 tablets 20 minutes before training and 3 tablets immediately after training.

Non-training days: Use 3 tablets immediately upon waking on an empty stomach. Drink with water.







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