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Pre-Shock is an explosive new pre-workout formula that features GEAR’s exclusive patent pending technology "TAT2™." The science behind PRE-SHOCK™ would be enough to make it the greatest pre-workout formula out there. Couple that with its amazing taste and ultra-smooth texture and you have the ultimate ergogenic workout tool in your training arsenal!


Ultra advanced pre workout

Workout annihilation fuel!

If you’re serious about your training and in search of the best ways to supplement your preparation, then Pre Shock ticks all the boxes. Specifically designed to meet the high demands of the elite athlete, Pre Shock is a carefully created blend of ingredients to help motivate, energise and provide you with the sharp focus required to see you through the most intense workouts.

The combination of vitamin C, magnesium citrate and electrolytic minerals such as potassium have been specifically chosen for their ability to reduce fatigue and tiredness while supporting muscular function throughout tough resistance sessions.

However, while these are crucial elements, Pre Shock goes even further. With an Ultra-Loaded NO Stack of Arginine alpha ketoglutarate, agmatine sulphate (AGMAMAX), citrulline malate, Carnosyn® (Beta-alanine), and taurine into each 9.7g serving Pre Shock is the ultimate pre-workout supplement; delivering a potent, comprehensive combo for serious athletes and bodybuilders. Stay pumped, focused and ready to beat down the resistance during even the most severe, intense sessions.


Mix 2 scoop of powder with 200-250 ml of water. Drink 20-30min before your workout 








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